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Jan 13, 2013 10:00pm PST
to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits national guard in oakland. roberta does wx teas >>> rising violence, dwindling police department. calls to bring out the national guard in oakland. >>> for the second day in a row we are anticipating record cold here in the bay area. our coldest locations with our pinpoint forecast. >>> calls for stricter gun control legislation are getting louder. how tough is it really to get anything gun related in congress. >>> good evening. it is cold, and it is going to get colder overnight. temperatures dipped into the 20s earlier this morning we are expecting to see more of the same tonight. change is coming. roberta. >>> good evening everybody the only thing that would come into play that would hamper that from happening is the wind currently has been picking up, mixing up the atmosphere. right now clear skies, temperature 43, livermore jumped up to 44 due to a north wind. santa rosa, calm, 34 degrees. now tonight, overnight we are talking temperatures colder than last night when we had a record low in san jose of 26. tonight, 25 degrees. notice the
Jan 27, 2013 10:00pm PST
from prek to ofth grade. >>> in the east bay fans of the oakland a's are pulling for a iters win. the a's sold out their fan fest at oracle arena and fans lined up for a chance to see some of their favorite players up close. but it seems like no matter who your team is everyone's pulling for the 9ers. >> i have a good feeling. i have i am more of a baseball fan rooting for the bay and i don't think the 9ers are going to disappoint. >> next sunday i wanters to take it. cap is a local bay from where i'm from. >> last season was the a's best in almost a decade. they ended up losing to the detroit tigers in the postseason spring training starts in just a few weeks. >>> and of course roberta's team the oakland a's we can use baseball weather throwing that in as a suggestion. >> today in oakland it was 59 degrees and that's up from the average high of 5 degrees so already in oakland. >> in fact temperatures across the board stay pretty much in the 50s. good evening everybody. with the clear blue skies tonight after sunset check out what were on the rise did you see it out there
Jan 6, 2013 10:00pm PST
notarangelo. right now traffic is getting back to normal in oakland following a fatal accident. the crash shut down all lanes on westbound 880 on high street for nearly two hours. this is what it looks like right now, but this is what it looked like just a short time ago. the freeway resembled a parking lot. they said that the chain reaction crash started when a car hit the center divide. one person killed, but traffic is getting back to normal. >>> in the san francisco neighborhood, they are stunned by what they saw. and a woman was set on fire in the middle of the san francisco streets. it happened just a few blocks from candlestick park. cbs 5 reporter talked to the woman's sister who saw it happen. linda? >> and the young victim remains in the burn unit here at st. francis hospital. and the sister says that it was the boyfriend's fault. they have fought and then it escalated into where a fight where he set her on fire. neighbors heard horrifying cries for help and then saw a woman on fire tearing at her clothing. they did not want to be identified. >> we heard some screaming and we went ou
Jan 20, 2013 10:00pm PST
anguish coast to north. it was 69 in oakland. these numbers are very similar to what you vex experienced yesterday. 64 degrees in san jose and 65 in santa rosa up from the average high of this time of the year, 257 degree -- 57 degrees. look out towards san francisco where it was 64. again, out for 57. now, 53 degrees. all right tumbling well into the 30s some freezing views in santa rosa as well as the trivalley. mid to upper 30s, they will encompass the side of santa clara and 33 degrees at nap. this is san jose by the way, looking at city hall with the clear skies. starry skies. we won't see semipros few. swells are eight to ten feet as we will have a cooler and cloudier forecast by midweek. first thing is first. area of the low pressure. look at the clouds continue to wrap around the ridge of storm tray. we'll continue to experiment a staggering weather pattern. pretty much what you have experienced yesterday as we did it today and again for the holiday and then on tuesday before we will start to see the changes. but count on future cast. and for you to know when they will increase a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4